Besides writing books, what is your real job?
I am an principal at the Tech Center, I have about 450 student in my building.  But my favorite job is being a Dad! I have three girls and a young son. I also love coaching my kids in basketball and softball. 
Why did you write hunting books for kids?
Before becoming a principal five years ago, I had students always tell me that there were no good books to read, especially books about hunting. I did some research and realized, there weren't any chapter books about the outdoors. I thought it was a good idea to start writing some.
What is your writing background? 
I started out as a sports report for a local newspaper. I worked there for three years before becoming a fifth grade teacher. Once I was teaching, I started writing for hunting magazines. I have had over 200 articles published professionally and continue to write for magazines. Check out my media page for writing and videos

Do you hunt? 
YES! I grew up hunting and fishing. My dad was a taxidermist and hunting was always a huge part of my life. My favorites are deer and turkey but hope to hunt everything! I love to bow hunt. One of my favorite hunts has been a Michigan elk hunt. I have been lucky enough to hunt all over Michigan and in Pike County, Illinois. 
How many books do you plan to write?  
I will be writing at least 10 books in the Hometown Hunters Collection. 
If I email you, will you email me back?  
YES! I try to email everyone back, email me at lanewalker80@hotmail.com


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